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          1. Lianyungang Tenghong Technical Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Upholding the business philosophy of "Honesty Based, Mutual Benefit", we sincerely hope to cooperate and exchange ideas with friends from around the world for a great future.
            ADD: Weiwu Rd., Lingang Industrial Zone, Guanyun County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China.  P.C.:222228
            Contact: Manager Jin +86-15705129338

            TH-100BE Polymerization Inhibitor

            Characteristics of TH-100 BE
            TH-100 BE is a new high efficiency compound polymerization inhibitor special for C4C5 production system. It has multifunction as polymerization inhibitor, antioxidant and metal passivator, and it can break the scales, as well as effectively restrains the scale formation in splitter and re-boiler, which means the equipment operation period can be extended and the indirect loss due to the shut-down of the machine is thus reduced so does the maintenance and repair cost.

            TH-100 Quality Specification:

            Description Specification Test Method
            Relative density r20 0.9150 - 0.9350 GB611
            Solidifying point (°C) ≤-15 GB618
            Flash point (°C) >20 GB/T267
            Amine value (mg KOH/g) >100 Q/320211NBR06-2006

            Package and storage
            This product is stored in iron barrel with inner plastic chamber or barrel made of galvanized iron sheet. It shall be protected from impact, fire, direct sunshine and rain during the transportation. The product shall be stored in dry storage with ventilation. The product shall be away from heat source and kindling.

            Safety attention points
            This product is an irritant and will burn the skin, avoid direct contact with body when using it, and wear necessary protective cloths.

            蘇公網安備 32072302010071號

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