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          1. Lianyungang Tenghong Technical Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Upholding the business philosophy of "Honesty Based, Mutual Benefit", we sincerely hope to cooperate and exchange ideas with friends from around the world for a great future.
            ADD: Weiwu Rd., Lingang Industrial Zone, Guanyun County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China.  P.C.:222228
            Contact: Manager Jin +86-15705129338

            Nucleating agent TH-5088

            Product introduction: It is third generation of polypropylene nucleating agent. It has better biological fitness compare with 2nd generation product.

            Product structure:

             Product index:

            Item Unit Quality index
            Appearance -- White powder
            Content % ≥99.0
            Melting point ≥240
            Loss on heating (105℃±3℃) % ≤0.5
            Ash content % ≤0.2

            Product uses:

            It is sorbitol type organic nucleating agent widely used nucleating modification of polypropylene articles. It can improve transparency, glossiness, rigidity, flexural modulus, tensile strength, distortion temperature and size stability, shorten molding cycle and promote production efficiency of polypropylene film, sheet and injection molding products.


            Should be preserved in ventilated, dry and cool place

            Be packed with standard paper can lined with PE plastic bag

            Net weight: 15kg

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