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          1. Lianyungang Tenghong Technical Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Upholding the business philosophy of "Honesty Based, Mutual Benefit", we sincerely hope to cooperate and exchange ideas with friends from around the world for a great future.
            ADD: Weiwu Rd., Lingang Industrial Zone, Guanyun County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China.  P.C.:222228
            Contact: Manager Jin +86-15705129338
            Polymerization inhibitors
            p-tert- Butylcatechol (TBC)
            Polymerization Inhibitor TBC-1
            TH-A294 Polymerization Inhibitor
            TH-100BE Polymerization Inhibitor
            TH-701 High Efficiency Polymerization Inhibitor
            TH-02 Ethylene Polymerization Inhibitor
            TH-02 Ethylene Polymerization Inhibitor
            p-tert- Butylcatechol ( TBC Toluene Solution)
            p-tert- Butylcatechol(TBC Methanol Solution)
            4-tert-Butylcatechol(TBC Aqueous Solution)
            J J Methylsilicone
            Defoamer JJ
            Anti-oxidant TH-405
            Antioxidant 1790A
            Nucleating Agent
            Transparent polypropylene premixing agent
            Nucleating agent TH-5088
            Nucleating agent TH-5005
            Nucleating agent TH-5001
            Thin-wall injection molding premixing agent
            Remover TH-158
            Alkyl metal series
            Diethyl aluminum Chloride (DEAC)series products
            Ethyl aluminum Dichloride (EADC) series products
            Tri-n-hexylaluminum (TNHAL) series products
            Triethyl aluminum(TEAL) series products
            Triisobutylaluminum (TIBAL) series products
            Ethyl aluminum Sesquichloride (EASC) series products
            Diethylzin (DEZ) series products
            Diisobutylaluminum Hydride (DIBAL-H) series of products
            Isoprenylaluminum (ISOPRENYL)series of products

            蘇公網安備 32072302010071號

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